An exciting day – for me anyway – at the ‘Bucket’ book launch. Quiet to begin with but then when strangers  came up to me to ask about the book it suddenly all seemed real!

Why on earth would they want to buy my book?

But they did!

Then of course when friends and family and neighbours arrived to cheer me on (and buy books) it was overwhelming!

We sold out!

So of course The Lady Vivienne and I now think we can conquer the world!

We went for a very enjoyable celebration afterwards. Here’s some revellers:

But, of course, this is all well and good, but what about the after-launch comedown?

What I mean is, people who’ve bought your book might actually READ it and say something about it.

Now that IS scary!

I’ve been walking about feeling naked ever since. But slowly comments have come in and nobody seems to have burnt the book quite yet. A few people have actually said they liked it!

Here, for instance, is a very heart warming review.

Overall rating:
4 out of 5
4out of5
Very enjoyable.
04 November 2012
Set in Dickensian London this book draws you in from the beginning as the story unfolds from the perspective of a young, aspiring journalist. The dark mystery at its core is balanced by a blossoming romance, both of which are brought to life by vivid dialogue and descriptions of the quirky characters and the places they inhabit. A very enjoyable read and I am looking forward to more.
And this isn’t even my mum!
After feeling I’ve been walking around without my trousers for a couple of weeks I now feel that at least I’ve got my pants back on!